Architectural designers play an important role in building homes and structures. They do their jobs by providing their clients with building designs that combine comfort, cost, functionality, and safety. They also consider the personality and needs of the client when they create their designs. If you are searching for an architectural designer, you came to the right place. At Casci DesignWorks, we will be discussing an article about architectural designers. We will share information about what is an architectural designer and what an architectural designer does. If you are interested to know more information, keep scrolling below to find out. 

What is an architectural designer? 

An architectural designer is not like an architect who has the education and license in design. They create designs for a construction project. They have knowledge in math, science, construction, and design wherein they use them when creating designs for homes, structures, and buildings. They work with their clients to know and check their project requirements, budget, and schedule. They are also responsible for creating plans, drawings, and specific details for the project.   

Architectural designers are also known as building designers. They do collaborative work with civil engineers, project managers, and construction professionals. They can also work with architects or architectural firms. 

What do architectural designers do? 

An architectural designer handles different tasks. Check out the list below for the common requirements of their work. 

  • They work with clients and discuss the requirements for the project. 
  • Check and measure the different dimensions and material requirements for the project design plan.
  • Check the budget, schedule, and type of project of the client to suggest appropriate designs. 
  • Use CAD software to create and produce design plans for the approval of the client and management.
  • Changing and updating project designs based on the client’s feedback. 
  • Providing estimates for cost, time, machinery, and construction materials that will be used for the project based on the approved design. 
  • Cooperate with site engineers, project managers, and the client to work on the needs of the project and implement the design accordingly.
  • Follow the latest design industry trends and practices. 
  • Constantly updated with the latest building codes and standards and made sure that all project designs are compliant and being implemented correctly. 

What are the key differences between an architect and an architectural designer? 

An architect is a licensed professional. He or she is responsible for designing the interior and exterior areas of a structure such as buildings or homes. An individual can become an architect by attending a formal university degree in architecture and registering with the government body in charge of the state. Architects work with complex project designs. Architects are usually required by most states to work with buildings or structures that are more than 3 stories tall and for government projects. 

Architectural designers are entry-level architects although there are no formal qualifications for an individual to become an architectural designer. An individual interested to become an architect can get his or her experience by working as an architectural designer. Architectural designers have the talent and skills to provide high-quality designs for commercial and residential projects.

They can work on smaller and fewer complex projects. They often have backgrounds in construction and drafting. They usually specialize in a specific type of building or structure such as residential homes, small commercial stores, as well as heritage building restoration. 

What are the different skills of architectural designers? 

An architectural designer has different skills that are used for performing their job requirements. They are responsible for creating concise and accurate building designs, and they must have the technical knowledge and theoretical capabilities. They work with different individuals in the construction industry. They have the communication skills needed to communicate with their clients and they also work on the different aspects of the project. 

Here are the different key skills of an architectural designer.

Math knowledge and skills

Math is important in determining the structural integrity of a building. It is integral for an architectural designer to know how to calculate the different strengths, weaknesses, and properties of the materials that will be used for the project design. Once the materials have been chosen to match the intended project design of a structure or a home, an architectural designer will check their strength if they can withstand physical stress, etc.

Having mathematical skills can help architectural designers in checking and calculating the strength of the materials and the chosen design to come up with the safest and most functional design that will be suitable for the building. They usually use software to create and check the integrity of the building and their knowledge in math can help modify the project design if necessary. They also use their math skills to budget, estimate, draw, and schedule the project accordingly.

Design skills

Architectural designers are responsible for creating the design of a building or structure. The aesthetic aspect of a structure is important as it affects and improves the market value of a completed project. The integrity and functionality of the structure must also be considered when creating designs for clients. Architectural designers must continuously learn and improve their construction design skills. 

Commercial knowledge

The construction and building of projects will depend on its budget to earn a profit. The project designs must be reasonable to construct using the budget of the project. Architectural designers must know the commercial aspect of construction to create project designs that will be profitable for their clients. 

The knowledge of the commercial aspect of construction will include the comprehension of the material costs, labor, and equipment that will be necessary when constructing the structure or building. They have to understand the commercial requirements so they can work with the project manager and clients and make the necessary adjustments if needed. 

Computer proficiency

Architectural designers use computers for their jobs. They must be proficient in computers so they can perform the basic skills needed. Architectural designs created using different types of software will also require advanced computer knowledge and skills. 

Different computer software can be used to make construction designs and simulations for the project. Here are some of the basic computer software programs that can be used by architectural designers. 

  • AutoCAD – AutoCAD is a computer software program that architects, engineers, architectural designers, construction workers use to create concise 2D and 3D drawings. 
  • Computer-aided design – The use of computers to create modifies, analyze and optimize designs. 
  • Revit – This software can be used in architecture, construction, and engineering to construct high-quality buildings and structures. It can be used for modeling structures in 3D with impressive accuracy and precision. 
  • Microsoft excel and computer processing – Use to analyze and compute data when creating project designs. Knowledge in using formulas is required. 

Understanding of building codes 

Building and structure designs must be compliant with the building code of the state. Building codes include outlines for health, safety, and other requirements needed in the design and construction of structures. Architectural designers must follow the building codes so they can create effective and successful project designs for their clients. They must keep up to date with the building codes to make sure they create compliant designs. 

Communication skills

Architectural designers must have communication skills so that they can work with their clients and collaborate with other important members of the construction team. Since they work with engineers, architects, and other construction professionals, having communication skills is necessary to ensure that everything will be discussed, especially when there are important adjustments that must be done for the project design.

They will have to discuss the project requirements with the clients and stakeholders. They will work with project managers and engineers when budgeting and scheduling the requirements of the construction project. Excellent communication skills can help them accomplish their objectives and goals. 

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