Home renovations can be very overwhelming. You either hate or love the process of remodeling your home. Fortunately, when it comes to renovation it does not mean that you have to break down your walls. If you are already getting bored of your decorations, then there are several simple things that you can do to upgrade your living space.

In fact, freshening up your home does not mean that you have to spend a lot. With some planning, you can quickly make some changes to your house in an inexpensive way. The following are some of the unique accents that you can use to brighten up your living space.

Create An Accent Wall and Paint It

One of the most inexpensive ways of transforming the look of your home is to paint it. You can create an accent wall in your bedroom or living room and paint it. Painting arched shapes on the walls can add height to the space.

On the other hand, you could also paint the ceiling of a room or change the color of your trim. However, before you start painting try to test the color on the wall. The paint can be easily changed, hence, if you are not satisfied with your first option, then you can always repaint it if you like.

Install A New Sink

The center of your kitchen is the sink, aside from house chores and cooking, it can also be used for bathing babies and small pets. Over time, old sinks can easily get chipped, stained, or clogged. One of the best ways to give your kitchen a makeover is to replace this hard-working part of your home.

Select a sink that is a bit different but still matches your home decor. Another alternative would be to look for something that is more similar if you really love your sink. Farmhouse sinks are greatly preferred by most homeowners since they are perfect for washing dishes.

Provide A Refreshing Look to Your Backsplash

You can make your kitchen look more refreshing by making some changes to your backsplash. If you want to have a complete transformation, then you can opt for something that is entirely different from what you had before. For instance, a bold checker pattern would be an exciting replacement for a soft neutral.

To make it more dramatic, some homeowners choose to use brick or tin on their backsplash. Another option is ceramic tiles with colored details. Before making your final purchase, you can try some samples in your kitchen to see how it looks. Sometimes colors might look different in the store than they do at your home.

Place Crown Molding

Another lovely detail that you can install in your home is crown molding. By using this decorative accent, your room will feel like it is completely furnished. At the same time, it can provide a sense of history to your room. To add beauty to your space, you can look for wide molding with more details.

Home accents can be made from different materials such as plaster, medium-density fiberboard, and wood. Among these options, wood is the most expensive since it is a natural material. Nevertheless, after painting the molding and installing them on the ceiling, it is hard to determine what material is being used.

Install New Flooring

Most often, flooring does not get too much attention. However, when combined with lighting and paint, it can set the tone for your room. If you can’t afford to replace the flooring of the entire house, then you can consider replacing the floor of a particular room such as the bathroom or kitchen.

Most homeowners prefer to use vinyl flooring rather than hardwood in renovating their homes. This is because vinyl flooring is much cheaper compared to hardwood and ceramic flooring. Since more and more people are now choosing vinyl flooring, then its quality has greatly improved, making it an interesting option for homeowners.

Hang A Chandelier on Your Ceiling

By simply hanging a chandelier, you can quickly upgrade the look of any room. There is a wide range of chandeliers that you can choose from colored beads to scintillating crystals. There are a lot of inexpensive models that you can choose from so you don’t have to break the bank when choosing these light fixtures.

Although chandeliers are usually hung in dining rooms, you can also hang them in other parts of the house. Don’t be afraid to expand and hang this lighting solution in any part of the house. Chandeliers can make your bedroom, bathroom, or living room look more luxurious. If you choose to hang a chandelier on your dining table, then make it lower so everybody can enjoy it while they are sitting down.

Maintain Your Fireplace

Be sure to maintain your fireplace so you can use it. Clean your chimney at least once a year. An electric fireplace would be a great option for families who have pets or small children since they can enjoy its brilliance without the risk of harming themselves. In case you don’t have a chimney or a fireplace in your home, then you can consider making an illusion. You could build a mantle and frame, then install tiles on the floor. Then, place an electric fireplace on the hearth. This can provide a new focal point for your space, at the same time, it is also an inexpensive option.

Create A Built-In

Constructing a built-in cabinet or bookcase can make a statement. You can create a built-in cabinet that fits perfectly in your home. Most homeowners choose to install built-ins in their living or dining room to highlight pictures, glassware, and travel mementos. A built-in bookstore is something that you can construct in your office space. Built-ins can also be installed in kitchens for food storage. Just a reminder, once you have started installing custom upgrades on your home, you might find it hard to stop. Aside from looking gorgeous, built-ins are also the best solutions to specific problems.

Install Decorations on The Ceiling

To warm up the room, you could consider installing ceiling beams. Incorporating latticing into your ceiling can provide architectural depth to your home. For a natural look, you can stain the beams. Or you can paint the beams the same color as your ceiling. Due to the leading lines that they create, beams can make your house feel bigger.

Ceiling beams are more appropriate for open floor plans since they can be used as an accent for your support beam which runs across your living space. If you already have low ceilings, then this might not work for you. Nevertheless, ceiling beams are ideal for most standard homes since they can bring beauty to any room.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

Due to overuse, kitchen cabinets can quickly look worn. Likewise, replacing them can be very expensive. Fortunately, there are other options. For instance, you can consider removing the fronts of your kitchen cabinets and repainting them. Before you even get started, check if the new colors complement your countertop and backsplash.

You could choose the repaint your cabinets with the same color or use a new color for a totally new look. It would be a good idea to choose a dark color so the paint can last longer while avoiding any signs of wear. Emerald green, dark navy, and dark gray are some of the trendy colors. Changing the color of your kitchen cabinet can entirely transform the look of the space without spending too much.

Should You Choose Trendy Designs for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? By knowing the latest trends, you can ensure that your design will last longer. Kitchen design trends would come and go. But generally, color schemes and design concepts can last for about ten years.

When making plans for your new kitchen, it would be a good idea to combine the present look and the future trend. Incorporating classic design with the latest trends can improve the style of your home. A kitchen renovation that embraces the latest styles is also great for resale, even in just a short period of time. The focus of your layout and style is the kitchen cabinets. It can create a huge impact to help you achieve a trendy kitchen design.

Nowadays, one of the top trends is minimalism, which pertains to clean lines. One of the ancient designs which are popular right now is the mid-century modern style. This classic style includes geometric shapes, warm wood tones, clean lines, and organic curves. To fit in this style, faucets, and appliances should be less fancy and more angular. The popularity of smart technology has continued to grow. This means that we will be seeing more app and voice-controlled functionality with fewer levers, cords, and switches.

Refresh Your Home Now

Renovating your home does not have to be expensive or exhausting. Examine your house and look for a particular room that you want to change. Then you can apply one of these tips to transform your room instantly and inexpensively. If you are getting frustrated with your renovation plans, then keep in mind that the best way to begin is simply to get started.

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