After searching the internet, my husband and I hired Steve Casci to give us some ideas on designing a major remodel of our home. Our project is still under construction after a year and it is just amazing to see Steve’s ideas and sketches on paper now coming to life. When he came to our residence initially we were still at the wall studs stage so his imagination had free range. He designed the kitchen around a beautiful stone cook top surround made out of stone to look like a big fireplace with the “chimney” going right up through the ceiling. It is a stunning central feature to our open floor plan kitchen/great room. Another fabulous feature is the double kitchen island giving the ultimate counterspace for a functinal room. In shopping for materials, Steve was able to listen to our preferences and help us find the right combination of tile and stone to complete the look. In fact, when searching for the right granite, I walked right past some slabs that had caught Steve’s eye. I was still reluctant until we looked closer and saw the features that his experience recognized – the project is a winery/vineyard property and the black granite (titanium) with white “clouds” that show incredible depth, also has red garnet like specks which look like wine spots. Talk about sealing the deal! It truly helps having a professional who is familiar with what something will look like in its environment. Steve is a great designer, a person who listens to ideas and preferences and who truly gets involved and excited for his clients as paper plans and sketches come to life! His experience shows!