I sell kitchen appliances and plumbing articles, and am frequently and inadvertently partnered with kitchen and bath designers by our mutual clients. Despite applying “CKD”, “CBD”, and many other certification titles after their names, and despite their vast course of study at their local junior colleges, most of these “trade professionals” have poor taste in proportion, materials, accessibility, ergonomics, and simple mechanical function. Many self-proclaimed “designers” ultimately make things difficult and costly for their clients, and can recommend elements that damage appliances, floors, cabinetry, and walls.

This is simply not true with Casci Designworks.

I have known Steve Casci for nearly twelve years, and thank the stars that there exist professionals like him who can bring recognition and distinction to their trade. Not only does Mr. Casci possess the natural ability to lay out projects with optimum functionality in mind, he has the added talent of incorporating any style his clients wish to express–be it bauhaus or baroque, modern or moderne, renaissance or rustic, industrial, institutional, or Italianate. He can expose his clients to what is possible, then turn around and accomplish any and all of their goals.

Moreover, Steve Casci possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding carpentry, electrical, cabinetry, plumbing, lighting and–yes—appliances. I find it refreshing to watch as he easily and simply can guide his clients through their process, taking charge of what can often seem to be an overwhelming endeavor. And the feedback I have enjoyed from our mutual clients about his demeanor and care has been solely positive.

In short, I cannot recommend Casci Designworks more highly.