5 Smart Ideas to Reinvent Your Home

by Oct 4, 2019Remodeling0 comments

Whether you have just moved to a new home or you’re planning to revamp your old abode, you can always employ a few tricks here and there to make your space more presentable and well, liveable, to say the least. The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune at all. All it needs is a little research and you’re good to go. Here are a few interior design tips we’ve got for you.

1. Pick light colors for small-sized rooms.

If you think you have a cramped up home, consider changing the paint color. Take the living room for instance. When you have a small living room and a big family at that, the tendency is for the whole area to look smaller than it really is. Darker paint colors will additionally make it seem cramped and stuffed. On the other hand, lighter colors like white and peach naturally reflects the light that pours through the window. Same goes to your bedroom. Pick a color that allows you to appreciate the entirety of the space you have now.

2. Make use of decorative mirrors.

When it comes to interior designing, mirrors have been more than a handful of help. Mirrors are known to make areas look larger and lighter. It also effectively reflects natural light so you can save up on your monthly energy bills. In fact, mirrors that are placed across windows will provide you with an instant glow. We’ve seen large mirrors fill up a whole wall space for a grand dimensional effect. There are also decorative mirrors that come in various shapes and sizes so you can play with the design of your home.

Yes, textures and patterns go together regardless of design. If you have family keepsakes that
you believe go well with your current set-up, then do not hesitate to add them up to your home decoration. In fact, heirlooms create a sense of individuality and style to any interior design idea. It’s also a great conversation starter when you have friends over for dinner or afternoon tea. Take your family’s old grandfather clock, for example. You may think that it probably won’t go with your modern take on the living room, but it actually does! When it comes to fabrics for your throw pillows, you can also mix colors and patterns for an added texture and warmth for your

4. Use wooden baskets for additional storage.

Baskets actually work great as a storage box for any room in the house. They are great for
storing toys and books in the playroom. You can also get small ones to put on your kitchen
countertop where you can put vegetables and fruits, or bread. In the living room, wicker baskets can be used to declutter magazines, books, and other household essentials. These baskets come in a wide array of size, pattern, and design, depending on your need. It’s not only attractive, but very economical, as well.

5. Add greens to your living space.

Make use of plants to add life to your living area. It’s a great alternative for expensive
accessories to make your home colorful and vibrant. It’s actually cleaner and fresher to look at compared to heavy accessories that tend to become complete eye-sores. Aside from adding life to your home, plants are great absorbers for air pollutants, providing you with better and cleaner air to breathe in.

Home renovation does not necessarily mean that you have to reconstruct your home’s living space. You can actually make use with what you have to revamp any room in your house. With a little research and a few personal touches, you’re good to go.