A good way to survive remodeling your kitchen is to treat every day like a picnic. Bust out the paper plates, plastic utensils & cups. Set up a temporary kitchen on the patio, garage or even one of the other rooms that are not being effected. Plan on using that outdoor grill and getting food to go maybe a little more often. You can use the bathtub or get some wash tubs set up as your sink for cleaning up. It usually takes about 8 weeks to remodel a kitchen and believe it or not, that goes by pretty fast when the project is running smoothly.


Remodeling Hints
  • Cover doorways into other rooms with plastic.
  • Pack everything that won’t be needed into boxes. This will keep things dust-free.
  • Keep essential items handy: basic food that can be microwaved, condiments, cereal, microwave-safe dishes and utensils, dishcloths, dishwasher soap, paper plates and cups, coffee, coffee pot and sugar/creamer, paper towels, napkins, and garbage bags.
  • You will be without water in the kitchen for a short time. You may need to do dishes in another sink or the bathtub for awhile.
  • Many contractors will wait until cabinets have arrived before tearing out your current cabinets. Be sure to clarify this point with your contractor.
  • Set up the microwave and refrigerator in another area, along with a table for preparation.
  • Have the barbeque stocked and ready to go.
  • Stockpile restaurant coupons for the nights when you really want to eat out.
  • Relax and trust the planning you’ve already done. There will be a beautiful kitchen when all the dust is gone!!