Are you planning to renovate your living room? Your living room is considered one of the busiest and most used areas of your home. It is the place that you use when you need to entertain your visitors, watch TV, and spend time with your family and friends after having meals. If you are wondering what to do for the renovation of your living room, you came to the right place. At Casci DesignWorks, we will share with you an article discussing the tips to consider when renovating the living room. Make sure to continue reading below to help you get started on the renovation process of your living room.

How To Get Started

1. Research and plan – Renovations are not easy to accomplish; there are important aspects that you have to consider to be successful with the project. It will require careful research and proper planning. You have to gather all the necessary knowledge and information that you will need to make the renovation process easier and for it to go smoothly. Take the time to learn and plan before beginning the renovation process to prevent any mistakes or setbacks. Do not rush the renovation process as everything must be accounted for and be done correctly.

2. Plan and decide on a budget – Before starting with the renovation process, you have to plan and decide on a budget that will be used in the renovation project for your living room. Double-check your savings and plan out your budget so that you know your financial limit and up to how much you will be willing to spend for the renovation process. Don’t forget to incorporate some extra padding in your budget in case of any issues or problems that may arise during the renovation process.

3. Hire a home remodeling expert – A home remodeling expert is necessary if you want the renovation project for your living room to be a success. It can also help you plan your budget so that you will not exceed your limit. If you are based in Sacramento, California, you should consider consulting with Casci DesignWorks for home remodeling design services. A professional home remodeling expert can help create design plans and remodel designs that will help you achieve the living room of your dreams.

4. Contemplate your lifestyle – Before starting the renovation process you have to contemplate and consider your lifestyle. Are you single or a just married couple? If you are newlyweds and are planning to have kids you have to consider your kids during the renovation process so that you don’t have to change anything once you start having kids. If you are living with elderly people such as your grandma and grandpa, you have to take into consideration their comfort and needs as well.

5. Establish what kind of living room you need – You have to know why you want to renovate your living room. Usually, homeowners want to renovate their living space because they want to make the space larger or they want to utilize the available space. If you are planning on selling your home in the future, you have to take into think about creating a living room that will attract home buyers. If you want to renovate your home for your family’s needs, think about how you live and consider your lifestyle. Check out your current living space and determine what it lacks and needs. For example, it may need a new sofa set, a new coffee table, or you may need to change the flooring. You cannot start the renovation process without identifying what your living room needs.

6. Reevaluate your living room layout – If you want to renovate your living room, you may want to also consider redoing its layout. You can move some of your furniture to a different spot or get an entirely new look. Most living rooms are designed to have a compact and tight space. However, if you want to consider getting a new floor plan, you can enjoy a living room with a larger space.

For example, if you have a room connecting to the sitting place that you barely use, you can consider removing the wall separating the area to expand your sitting area. Make sure that the wall you will be removing is non-load bearing. Consult with an expert before moving on this.

7. Improve your front entry door – If your living room is located in the front area of your home, you can consider installing a new entry door or upgrading the current door which will be not too much of a cost, which is an important thing to consider, especially if you have a limited budget.
Changing or upgrading your front door will accomplish two things at the same time. It can improve your home’s exterior curbside appeal while enhancing the look of your living room. Changing your entry door has a high ROI compared to any other renovation project; it is a low-cost project when compared to other renovations that can be done in your home.

8. Upgrade the look of the living room – If you want to make your living room stand out, you can consider going for customized trim work. Using trim works allows you to have endless possibilities; this can be done to improve the look of your doorway, windows, ceiling, fireplace, etc.
Carvings and patterns of trim works can change the look of your living room; it adds sophistication, class, and elegance making an ordinary room into an exceptional one. If you prefer a minimalist style, you can also opt for simple wood frames for specific areas in your living room.

9. Windows can make a huge difference – The living room is a place where a lot of people and traffic occurs and is an area in your home where you spend a long time. Consider getting windows so that you can allow natural light to come in and illuminate your living space. You can consider replacing your old windows with new ones so that you can save energy and money if you go for weather-tight windows.

A well-sized window will allow the maximum amount of natural light to pour in during the daytime. You can also opt for large wide glass windows that will allow the maximum amount of daylight in the room. You can also consider having a skylight in a specific area in the living room so that you can have a bright and enjoyable lunch or breakfast with your family and friends.

10. Create an illusion of space – If you have a small living room, you can consider creating an illusion of space that will make your living room seem bigger. You can go for monochromatic colors or white paint in your living room walls as well as the ceiling; this can make the living room appear big and roomy.

You can also add a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the opposite side of a window, this will allow the mirrors to reflect light which will result in creating an illusion of an airy and spacious living room. You must also avoid huge and thick furniture as it can make the room smaller than it should be. If you can install built-in storage shelves in the living room, it will help minimize the clutter.

11. Upgrade the flooring – The floors of your living room can be also upgraded if you want to make your living room have a new look and feel different. You can opt for wooden flooring if you want a classic look, this can also make the room appear larger.

It will also make the room versatile which allows for any style and design because it looks neutral and blends with any color scheme so you will not have a hard time choosing furniture. If you want comfortable flooring, you can add a carpet to make your living room have a refined and homey appearance.

12. Make a focal point – A focal point in your living room is something that will catch people’s attention whenever they enter it. It is a feature that will highlight your living room to make it appear more inviting. If you have a fireplace, you can make it a focal point.

You can also use a stunning bookshelf, a beautiful art piece, or vintage mirrors as a focal point in your living room area. If you always use your living room to watch TV you can make it a focal point and pair it with a vintage cabinet, fireplace, or a beautiful feature wall.

When you make a focal point in your living room you must also arrange the furniture around it to complement its appearance. You can also fix the seating arrangement surrounding the focal point to promote conversations when having visitors in your home.

When renovating your living room always try to consider the above tips to make your living room beautiful and breathtaking. If you need help with home renovations, make sure to trust a reliable company like CASCI DesignWorks to help you with the renovation project. Click this link if you want to know more about our services. If you want to check our portfolio, click this link. You can contact us by filling up this contact form here.

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