If you have limited space in your home, you might want to renovate or remodel it to make your living space bigger. If you are searching for information on how to make a space bigger, you came to the right place. Here at Casci DesignWorks, we are sharing a blog post discussing the tips to consider when renovating a space to make it bigger, if you are interested in this topic, make sure to keep reading below to find out more information. 

If your home has limited living space, you don’t have to suffer and live through it until you are capable of getting a bigger space nor you do not have to rush into moving into a bigger home. You can consider the following tips so you can maximize and optimize the available space in your home, so you can make it bigger than before. 

Get rid of clutter

Clutter in a small house might be an issue. You must examine each nook and cranny of your home to see if there is too much clutter crowding your living space. Keep the items and equipment you don’t use very often in a storage area or cabinet; you’ll immediately notice the difference.

Too much clutter can make your space limited and crowded. If you see items that are no longer valuable to you, you must get rid of them. You can spend a day or two during a weekend so you can sort out and organize everything in your home. Check each drawer, closet, cabinet, and storage space so you can throw away things that you no longer use. By de-cluttering your home, you can organize your home and make it tidy. Getting rid of the clutter in your home can help you to focus more and be productive every day. 

Increase storage space by using multi-purpose furniture

When remodeling or renovating your living space, you should consider purchasing or using multi-purpose furniture. When you use multi-purpose furniture that can also be used as storage, it can double up the space where you can store your items.

You should consider couches that have storage underneath or you can buy a sofa bed that can be used as a sofa during the day and can be transformed into a bed whenever you have a guest for the night. You can search for furniture like ottomans or side tables that come with additional storage and may be used for other purposes, like as a coffee table or extra seat whenever you have a lot of guests in your home.

For kitchen space, you can use a counter-height table and stools instead of the usual set of kitchen tables and chairs. A higher kitchen table can be used for additional preparation space when you need one, especially during parties and you can still use it for dining, socializing, and entertaining guests during parties and celebrations. 

For bedrooms, you can get a bed frame that has built-in storage underneath or its headboard has space for storage. You can get a wardrobe that has built-in drawers that can be used instead of opting for extra furniture like a stand-alone dresser which can take up more space inside your small bedroom. 

Using furniture with more than one function is ideal for homeowners with limited space available in their homes. You can use a bed where they can store their blankets, curtains, and winter clothes, or use a chair or sofa that has built-in storage where you can place items that you do not use regularly. This is a great way to store some items and de-clutter your home instead of getting rid of the items that you love or have an emotional value to you. 

Use light colors in small spaces 

When remodeling or renovating a small room, you should use light colors to open up the room and make it look bright and spacious. If your floor has a lighter color than the walls, the room can look like a box. When a room is bright, it will automatically look bigger than it is. If your space has dark corners, you can light it up and allow light to reflect in its surrounding areas. You can also use light-colored wallpapers or patterns to make your space look bigger and brighter.

When choosing a paint color, you should use a light-colored palette so your room will appear open and bigger. Choosing the color white can make your space more organized and less cluttered, and it will also appear brighter, which can trick the eye into making your space appear larger than it is.

You can use bold colors to define a room’s boundaries. It can help you define your space. You can consider using accent walls or same-color scheme furniture to achieve this look. Dark walls can also trick the eye, making the room expand and appear bigger than its original size. Dark grey walls can make the space appear cozy, and using bright-colored furniture can achieve a well-defined boundary for areas with open spaces.

Design spaces according to use

If you have limited space in your home, you can try to divide the small room according to its purpose. Before you start remodeling, you must think about how you use the room or what its purpose is, and then you can design the furniture accordingly. 

Let’s assume you have a long, narrow room. It may be used to entertain guests, as a place to dine with your family, as a hangout spot with friends, or as a game room. You can also utilize this method to make the most of the space while still retaining your comfort. Classic style flooring, art, or lighting can all be used todefine the space. A single accent color might also be utilized to match the design and furnishings.

The arrangement of the room is important

When renovating a room or space, you must consider how the traffic flows through it. For example, in a small room, the space available for walking through furniture is limited, so you must make sure to arrange your space to allow anyone to walk through the room comfortably and without encountering any issues.

You must consider organizing the room to allow anyone to walk through unhindered or blocked by anything. So for an open space dining and living room, you can arrange furniture like the couch or television against the walls to optimize the walkable space inside the room. Your guests will not have a hard time walking through the room; this can prevent them from bumping into tables or each other.

Check out the tips below when organizing your space:

Do not block the traffic

Organize and place your furniture away from doorways so that you maintain an unbroken flow of movement or traffic throughout the space. For instance, if you have a long couch, you can place it against the wall instead of in the center of the room.

Define room boundaries

For small spaces, you can define their boundaries by using flooring. You can use a rug or small carpet to separate your space into two and it won’t disrupt the flow of traffic. You can also consider using small chairs and low tables to define the space.

Organize and clear a path

To make a space appear bigger, you must remove anything that blocks the path from the door into and out of the room. Keep the pathway clear so you can prevent your room from feeling cramped and overcrowded. 

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