Tips On Making Your Home Livelier

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Our house is not just a mere shelter or infrastructure that simply provides a roof over our heads so that we won’t get heatstroke or shivers from the coldness of the rain.

Our houses are supposed to be a place of comfort, security, and relaxation. A house is like a safe haven. However, a house does not simply become a safe haven on its own. That is why we, as the owners and inhabitants of that house should do everything that we can so that we can transform it from a simple building to a place of happiness and peace.

Here is a scenario. You have a friend that you notice would always go home right away after work. You, on the other hand, delay going home by getting one drink, or window shopping. You sometimes feel weird about this. You probably think your friend is old-fashioned for doing so. Have you ever thought that maybe your friend wants to go home right away simply because it’s a place where they feel the happiest and most relaxed? You, on the other hand, prefer to delay going home probably because you feel like your home is either boring or ugly.

If you think you agree with that, do not worry. Casci Design Works is here to help you. Let’s change that. Making your house a safe haven can be a lot of work and can be pretty overwhelming and can lead to a possible burn out. Therefore, let us take this step by step. Let’s start with your living room and making it cozy for you and your family.

Living Room


1. Lights!

Tips On Making Your Home Livelier

If you feel like your house is dull even during the day, one of the things you need to be looking at is whether there is light coming in your living room. Go on and check.

Oh no, there is no window? That could probably be a reason why. We need light, especially natural light, coming in our living rooms to make it livelier and more inviting. If you do have windows, you probably just need some intense cleaning or probably adding a window where the sun actually hits during the day.

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book while watching the sunset before your very eyes through your window?

2. Plants

A lot of people fail to remember this, but adding house plants in your home can really make a big difference. More plants? More oxygen. Therefore, you can breathe easier in the living room. If you are trying to relax when coming home after a long day at work, the plants will help you put your mind at ease.

3. Choose Relaxing Color Combinations

Unless you really want bright and flashing colors, go ahead! However, the best colors for a relaxing ambiance are cream, white, tangerine and even seafoam green.

Pick colors that complement each other so that they look aesthetically pleasing. You might also want to to consider the kinds of decorations you put in with the color of your living room.

4. Deep Clean

The best kind of living room is the clean kind of living room. It is really tough work but it goes a long way. After doing a deep clean in your living room, your living room instantly looks different. It’s as if you have just moved in. That is If you have done the right kind of cleaning. So no slacking off! Get a mop and mop away the dirt.

The purpose of cleaning is not just for the physical beauty to satisfy the eyes, but it is for your health as well. If you suddenly get a cold, you might blame your workmate because they might not be healthy. However, it is probably because of the dozens of dust and dust bunnies on your tables, under the sofa, and over the picture frames hanging behind your television.

5. Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable furniture is like learning how to mix fashion and function. You should not only be concerned with getting the latest design of a wooden chair or leather sofa.

Find furniture that mixes with the overall design and ambiance of your living room and at the same time, something that you will be comfortable using. For example, your sofa must be extremely relaxing and comfortable so that you can stay in it while watching television during your relaxation day.

6. Use Your Kind of Decorations

There are all sorts of ways you can decorate your living room. Just type in “living room ideas” in Pinterest and a thousand searches appear before your eyes. Before deciding to buy everything in your cart from Amazon, ask yourself, “Is this my taste?” It’s important that while these decorations are the latest trends, they have to be something you actually love and that actually fits your taste.

Do not think about the people who will come in and what their taste for home decorations might be. This is your home. You can make it as how you want it to be.

Use Your Kind of Decorations

Those are our 6 simple tips! However, if you feel like you need more than just a simple purchase of a plant or an additional couch, maybe you need a renovation. This is where Casci Design Works come in. Give us a call at 916-216-2786. We are here to aid you in any renovation needs. Let us turn your house into your very own safe haven!