Most of us want to renovate our house because we want to make it look more attractive, at the same time, it can make us feel comfortable. When making your renovation plan, you have to start from scratch. You could choose to hire an architect who will make the plan for you. However, if you really want to save money, then you could do it yourself. There are several DIY ideas which you can use when renovating your house.

The key to a beautiful and economical house renovation is to have an effective plan. You need to divide the overall renovation into sub-plans.

Split Up Your Renovation

As we’ve said earlier, the only way that you can have an efficient renovation is to have efficient planning. If you are the one who is making the renovation plan, then you should concentrate on the larger picture as well as its smaller parts. The best strategy is to create a renovation plan for every part of your house.

If you let an architect do the renovation for you, then he will evaluate all the essential requirements needed for the renovation. But if you decide to do it yourself, then you need to analyze the requirements. Decide what you want to do for each space, then create an overall goal for the entire house.

Know Your Budget

Since your main objective is to make your house renovation more economical, then you must decide how much is the overall expenses. When making your budget, always avoid overestimating. As much as possible, try to underestimate then research for the things that you require.

Do A Lot of Research

Do A Lot of Research

Doing some research can give you a lot of options. For instance, the elegant lamp that you found at a high-end store can be bought elsewhere at a lesser price. Hence, when remodeling your house on a budget, you have to keep in mind that when choosing decorations, furniture, or paint for your house, there are companies that are selling them at inexpensive prices. You could buy them online or on second-hand shops and thrift stores.

Paint Transforms the Lighting

When renovating your house, you need to consider that paint can have a great impact on the lighting. When choosing new paint, it will greatly depend on your budget. If you only have a small budget, then you could choose black or white. This can make your house look more sophisticated. You can never go wrong with black or white.

Doors Make the First Impression

The door of your house is very important since it can create a first impression. If you can’t afford to change your door entirely, then you could simply repaint it provided that it is still in good condition. Doors can also influence the lighting of your room. According to interior designer Amy Lau, if you have a dark room, then paint the doors, ceiling, and trim with the same color of the walls but in a lighter version. Whenever you use one shade only, it can overpower the space. If you are on a budget, then repaint your door based on the focus of the light in your house.

Kitchens and Storage

Kitchens and Storage

If you are renovating your house, then most probably you are also trying to maximize your storage. Maximizing your kitchen to its fullest capacity can help you in solving storage problems. Since you want to do your renovation in an economical way, then you could use recycled materials at your house when creating kitchen cabinets and storage. Or you could visit thrift shops in your area.

Building your own kitchen cabinets and storage does not only save you money it can also ensure that you are getting what you need. Obviously, you are the only one who knows your kitchen better. If you feel that your existing kitchen cabinets and storage are fine, then there is no need to replace them. You can make it look as good as new by repainting them.

Floor Renovation

Renovating your floor can be a bit expensive. If you did not include a new floor installation on your budget, then you can renovate other things based on your floor design.

Bathroom Renovation

You can renovate your bathroom without spending a lot. The key is to search for inexpensive yet quality products. If you don’t want to buy new items, then you can still renovate your bathroom by changing the paint color of the wall as well as the cabinets.

The best way to renovate your house beautifully yet inexpensively is to create your own goal. Picture what you want in your mind and divide the renovation into different parts. If you need a professional to do the house renovation for you, then you can contact Casci DesignWorks at (916) 216-2786 or send us an email at We provide complete home design services as well as permit-ready plans. We can work on any project, regardless of its size.