Our tried-and-true procedures at Casci DesignWorks Inc. are what sustain our company. Each team member genuinely takes pride in our accomplishments and appreciates the value of following our procedures. We don’t simply want to finish your home renovation project; we want to ensure that it is done accurately, promptly, to the highest standard, and of course, that it lives up to the homeowner’s expectations. 

With numerous years of expertise behind us, competent leaders guiding us, and a qualified team of trade professionals working with us, our design-build process has evolved into a flawless transaction from beginning to end.

The high degree of involvement of our project managers is one of the main factors in the success of our remodeling projects. The Project Manager is the one who takes the lead once the project has gone into the production phase, just as our talented team of designers will guide you during the design and product-selection phase of your remodel.

This is the time when all of the thoughts, ideas, and choices made during the design phase are put into practice and given life during construction. When demolition begins and real physical changes begin, it is an exciting moment for the homeowners, but it is also a crucial period to make sure everything is done correctly and following regulations. After all, if your gorgeously renovated kitchen or bathroom isn’t properly built in reality, it remains a mere drawing!

Our project managers at Casci DesignWorks are particularly skilled in handling these situations. They know the actions, calls, and choices that will result in the best productivity for the overall project completion. To avoid unnecessary downtime, it is a huge benefit to have someone who is swift on their feet and knowledgeable about renovating!

The construction stage of a remodel can easily become overwhelming without a project manager. Even the most seasoned DIYer could start to doubt themselves given everything that needs to be known and done when serving as the man in charge. Here is where your project manager steps in to oversee and monitor each stage of construction until it is finished!

Hiring a project manager can be one of the most important decisions you make as a homeowner. The right project manager can save you thousands of dollars in project, time, and frustration. Here are four reasons you should consider hiring a project manager for your home remodel. 

Coordinated Schedule

You might not know it, but even a simple remodel needs considerable scheduling coordination with merchants, tradespeople, and subcontractors. You must not only understand the proper order in which to execute each task but also account for the length of time it will take to finish each one (labor time and also setting and drying times). Not to mention the time it will take for you to order and acquire your materials.

Will you be home to accept product delivery and welcome subcontractors when they show up? What if one of your goods arrives broken or out of stock—will you be able to rearrange the entire plan as a result of this unforeseen delay? One of the most significant advantages of hiring a Project Manager is that they will handle all of the scheduling and any re-scheduling that comes with renovating.

The Problems Are Addressed

Your home improvement project would go off without a hitch and be completed fast and smoothly in the perfect world. We do not, unfortunately, live in such a place, and problems can occasionally come up without warning, particularly when working in an older house. Regardless of how meticulously we prepare, having leaders with the skills and expertise to deal with problems is still a necessity.

A project manager can help with this. A project manager will be able to identify potential issues and potential solutions before they come up and will be able to work with other members of the team to determine the best solution to the problems.

Providing High-Quality Craftsmanship

Because home remodeling is such a large investment, every homeowner wants to be completely certain that their supplies and installation are of the finest quality. At Casci DesignWorks, Inc., we work with a wonderful team of trade specialists who understand the degree of expertise we expect when it comes to installation, in addition to assisting you in selecting the proper materials. One of your Project Manager’s primary responsibilities is to oversee installation to verify that everything is done perfectly.

Being there on the job site and keeping an eye on the work being done assures that the finished project will live up to your and our standards as contractors.

Providing a Primary Point of Contact

How aggravating is it to have a concern regarding a product or service and be unable to get in touch with anyone at the company? We recognize the significance of communication, especially when your home is under development. Having a Project Manager on-site daily helps you relax knowing your property is in good hands.

Your project manager can be reached directly on his mobile phone if you have any questions, concerns, or comments on your remodel, and he will get you the information you require. At the end of each workday, your project manager will send you a text or email outlining what was accomplished and what will happen next.

With this approach in place, you’ll never have to wonder if anything important was accomplished on a particular day or feel “out of the loop.” A better experience is created for all parties involved when a central point of contact is established and an open communication channel is established.

Sacramento Project Management Services

As a Sacramento design-build firm, we always prefer to handle a project from beginning to end (wherein one of our great Project Managers would be delegated to your job!). We hope you’ll prioritize the significance of having a knowledgeable, dependable Project Manager to work with. In terms of the results and the entire experience of your home makeover, working with a Project Manager from Casci DesignWorks, Inc., will truly make a difference!

We can help ensure that your project is appropriately managed from beginning to end with the help of our project management services. Because of the extensive planning and approval processes involved, even little building projects can be stressful for many homeowners. A project manager can ensure that everything runs smoothly and plan with little to no hassle.

We provide project management services in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. Contact us right away if you have any queries about project management or would want to discuss your home improvement project. We’d be glad to assist!