Room additions are known to be one of the best ways to renovate a home and increase its market value. It offers plenty of benefits such as adding to the market value of your old home, increase its usability, and it can also add use-value accordingly. If you have a growing family and wondering if you can renovate your home by having room additions, you came to the right place. Here at Casci DesignWorks, we will be sharing with you an article discussing the different types of room additions that you can consider. If you are curious and you want to know more information, we encourage you to keep reading below to find out. 

You do not have to consider moving to a new home or selling your old home to get a new one. You can just create a new living space within the comforts of your home without needing to start from scratch. Let’s admit it, buying a new home or moving to a new place can be a tiresome ordeal. There are plenty of things that you have to work on; just thinking about it makes your head pound. So we want to make your life easier and help you with your current dilemma. 

If you are hoping to get an immediate investment return, you may have to wait for it to build up but do not fret because home investments like room additions will grow exponentially and increase the market value of your home in case you want to sell sooner or later. 

Home and real estate investments are known to appreciate over a certain period especially if you have considered the factors that affect the value and rate of appreciation. If a room addition can raise the market value of an old home, check out below the list of different room additions that you can consider adding to your home.

Conventional House Addition

This is a multi-room structure that is usually built on the side of a house and can also be considered as a house extension. It is designed to be open to the main house and can be separated by a single door. If it is built properly, a house addition can blend easily and become a part of the home. 

 A house addition usually consists of different areas such as a great room, dining room, living room, dining room, bathroom, primary bedroom, or a guest room, although it may depend on the available space to work with. A kitchen can also be added if the house addition is intended as separate living quarters for visiting relatives or as an apartment to be rented out for additional monthly income for the household. 

A house addition is an expensive home renovation project, but you should know that these types of additions to houses bring high value as regards their construction costs. It is considered a high-yield investment although the process is longer than the other additions mentioned in this article. You can consider that you add a small version of your home that also involves a home building team such as an architectural designer, contractor, project management which includes permit and plans, wiring, HVAC, plumbing, etc. 

Room Addition

It is a single room structure added to the side of a house that is solely meant for a single purpose. This addition can be either a bathroom or a bedroom. It can also be used to increase the size of a room in a home. It is a smaller version of house addition. This can be few feet added to your existing room such as a kitchen, so you can add more kitchen equipment, storage, or a kitchen island. You can also add an extra room before a laundry room. You can also make a small cramped dining area to increase its size so you can have a convenient place to eat and entertain your visitors. 

Room additions are also known as bump-outs. It usually includes a new roofline like flat style roofing or shed style roofing. They are quite popular among homeowners because they are cost-effective compared to full-sized house additions. However, you must keep in mind they are still subject to building codes, inspectors, and permits.

Garage Conversion

If you have a garage not being used and is just gathering dust and full of old boxes and toys, you can convert it to a living space. You can add flooring, remove the old garage door and place a solid wall instead and install a ceiling. Garage conversions are usually used as an extra bedroom or extension of the living room. 

Garages have become popular in being converted into living spaces, especially those who have limited spaces in their homes. It is easy to convert because it already consists of walls, flooring made of concrete, a solid foundation, and a roof to protect against harsh weather conditions. It also has electricity and windows that are necessary for living spaces. Most garages have been installed with drywall so you can just focus on adding HVAC and plumbing as they are not often installed during the building of the garage. It is often difficult to blend it with the aesthetic appeal with the rest of the house, but it is not impossible to accomplish. 

Sunroom Addition

A sunroom is a type of room that can be added to a house. It is also known as a conservatory or solarium. This type of addition usually consists of glass walls and can be accessed from indoors. Its purpose is to serve as a secondary living area during sunny days. It is usually unheated and is comprised of windows to allow natural light to come in so that you can enjoy nice weather without going outdoors.

The final effect is similar to an indoor greenhouse, but without the plants. Adding a sunroom to your home will not cost much because they will not need any cooling or heating systems so you can save some money since you do not need to pay for electricity wiring and HVAC installation. The value return for the sunroom is approximately 60% of the original building costs.

A sunroom is usually added to a home as a supplemental living space. It can be closed off from the main house using a door and is usually smaller than a conventional house addition. It is commonly built using prefabricated materials like aluminum, steel, heat-resistant glass, which can be constructed and put together on the scene. Some sunrooms are built using concrete, lumber, and other components used for building a house, which makes it a solidly constructed living space that can easily match the entire house. 

Sunrooms are not intended as sleeping quarters, moreover, kitchens and bathrooms are not installed in them as well. It is not built to be an all-year-round living space, so it can be built with oversized glass and different types of fenestration like a jalousie window. 

Bedroom Addition 

Adding a midrange master suite bedroom to your home can add value to your home with around a 57% return on original building costs. If you will consider adding an upscale master suite, then the return can decrease, especially if there are a lot of extra amenities that will be installed in it. You can also consider adding a shed roof dormer so that you can create an attic bedroom. According to real estate experts, adding an attic bedroom to your home can have an investment return value of up to 80%. 

Additional Bathroom or Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are two rooms that are most sought after by home buyers. So if you have enough space, you can add either a bathroom or a kitchen. A kitchen and bathroom addition can return an investment value of approximately 60-80%. Since both are functional and practical rooms, you can get a nice amount of use-value on both of them. 

Wooden Deck Addition

Although it is not the typical “room addition” to a home, most homeowners and contractors consider adding a wooden deck to add to your house’s outdoor living space. A wood deck has an approximately 70-80% value return of investment and can increase the market value of an old home. 

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