Is your home in great need of some TLC? Home renovations may make almost any room in your house more appealing and functional for your family. A home renovation project can also increase the value of your home, especially if you focus on key areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, or outside areas.

When you are excited to remodel your home, you may want to get right in before you have all of your plans in place. Unfortunately, rushing through a renovation might produce less-than-desirable results. Instead, we propose that you pause, take a deep breath, and consider these top five tips for home remodeling before giving a contractor the green light on any work.

Understand Your Style

Remodeling your house entails more than just materials and labor; it also entails your concept for how you want to use and decorate the area. Start by looking around home improvement stores and design showrooms. You can also search from the comfort of your own home by browsing through magazines or exploring the internet.

Studying what is popular in house design or observing how other homeowners have updated their spaces can help you determine what you like and desire in your own home. To make the most use of your time, concentrate on the following areas:

  • Look at the latest trends and consider how you will feel about them in five to ten years.
  • Determine which smart technology might be beneficial to you and your family and include it in your design.
  • Consider styles such as transitional, modern or contemporary, coastal minimalism, and rustic farmhouse. The list is limitless!
  • Choosing a style that complements your current home and lifestyle will help you remain on track while you complete your project.

Determine Your Budget

After you’ve decided on the improvements you want to do, it’s essential to think about your budget. The expense of home remodeling can quickly spiral out of control, which is why you and your contractor must have a clear grasp of your budget, expenses, and how flexible you are.

It’s time to revisit the ideas that inspired you, but this time pay close attention to the prices. You might have to make some sacrifices and decide what is most important to you. For instance, do you really need a heated floor in your bathroom, or would a soaking tub suit you better?

Another consideration is expenditures in your neighborhood. If earning a return profit when you sell your house is important to you, investing a large sum of money in a renovation project that does not raise the value of your home may not be the greatest option. Unless you want to stay in your home permanently, you may want to tone down your plans or choose the changes that will most increase the value of your property.

Know Your Limits

A dash of realism doesn’t have to derail your plans, but consider the fact that not every remodeling idea is structurally feasible. Consider the scale of your project and if it makes sense or is feasible logistically. For example, wanting an open floor design does not mean you can get rid of load-bearing walls.

Understanding your plan’s design structure should include speaking with a designer or architect who can assess the viability of your concept. Removing the footing of your foundation or re-plumbing the entire house down to the pipes may not be an option. If this is the case, it could be a better idea to move to a new home rather than begin a remodeling project. 

Choose Your Timing

While you’re being practical, you should think about your time frame as well. Even the most dedicated contractor may be unable to complete your home remodeling project on time. Include delays or setbacks in your remodeling timetable to accommodate problems that may arise during the job.

What kind of delays do you expect? Weather delays can extend practically any step of construction. Consider the weather and the season when planning your project.

There are busy periods at certain times of the year, so you may need to postpone your makeover until your contractor’s schedule is clear.

Some homeowners try to plan a home remodel around a particular event, such as a family reunion or a holiday, whereas others may have to relocate during construction. Consider how an impediment can affect your timetable or expectations if you have not considered the possibility of delays.

Remodel the Kitchen First

The kitchen should be your priority because it can take several months to complete. It is also the dustiest and most debris-producing area of the house. Therefore, it is critical to remodel the kitchen first to safeguard everything else in the house. Otherwise, you’ll end up destroying the new paint or carpet in the next rooms.

Another thing to keep in mind is that during the time it takes to build your new kitchen, you’ll need to set up a temporary kitchen and dining space outside the house, or in a different part of the property.

Choose the Best Contractor

Choosing a contractor to supervise your renovation project is perhaps the most important decision you will make. Throughout your project, this person will be your closest buddy – or worst enemy. Spend far more time researching and hiring your contractor than you did when deciding on your style and selecting your fixtures.

Consider all of a contractor’s project management responsibilities. A contractor has a lot of balls in the air, from obtaining building permits to assembling a qualified construction team. How do you know he’ll be up to the task?

You should at the very least inquire about licensing and bonding, and don’t forget about insurance! Check with your locality or state to see if there have been any complaints or charges filed against a potential contractor. Get references, or better yet, use a trustworthy recommendation source to perform the majority of the research for you.

Above all, always insist on a contract and never pay in full beforehand. After the task is completed and you are satisfied with the work, a reputable contractor should be happy to accept payment.

Find a The Best Professional for Your Home Remodeling Project in Sacramento, CA

If you don’t have a strategy in place, renovating your home might be a difficult undertaking. You must have it all in order before contacting anyone. The aforementioned suggestions have been tried and true and are intended to assist you in completing your remodeling project without difficulty.

Create a strategy, acquire resources, take a loan if necessary, narrow down your preferences, and then embark on a quest to remodel or renovate a stylish living area that will turn heads!

Please contact us if you are interested in remodeling your home in Sacramento, CA, or the surrounding areas. CASCI DESIGN WORKS INC provides complete home re-modeling services; custom designed to your specifications, combining our design work with expert craftsmanship to give you the very best in home improvements. We love taking on new projects and are delighted to make beautiful spaces for our clients.