Project management plays a crucial part in the success of a construction project. If you are planning to have a construction project and you need help with project management, you must hire a company that offers home design services.

Project management refers to the proper coordination needed during the complex process of constructing a home. An architectural project manager is assigned to oversee the project. This is a mid to senior-level level position and is in charge of supervising the construction project from the start of the planning process up to the completion of the project.

They can also be responsible for directly reporting to the director of design or principal architect as well as work with and supervise the other designers and architects working on the project.

When an architect is given the role of a project manager, they are responsible for creating the initial plans, drafts, and designs that will reflect the needs of the client while taking into consideration and observing the important building and zone codes.

They will make schedules, financial plans, and be also responsible for creating the important documentation of the construction project. Their work is done on-site; they track the project’s financial aspect by effectively monitoring the budget, assigning and supervising the tasks, and keeping up with the project’s schedule. Once the construction project is completed, they are tasked to submit reports and reviews about it. 

What are the common skills of an architectural project manager? 

Architectural experience – The architectural project manager will be spending a lot of time overseeing the project’s construction, so being knowledgeable of the whole construction process is essential. 

Communication skills – Being the architectural project manager, they must communicate with the clients, contractors, and the whole team to ensure the project will be a success. They are also responsible for writing reports and reviews. They are required to speak at a professional level to the stakeholders, so they should have the ability to clarify any complicated concepts and explain them in such a way that the layperson can easily grasp it.  

Drafting and knowledge of architectural engineering – This is an important skill of an architectural project manager as they are required to review the technical elements of the construction project. They will check and approve any plans involved in the construction of the project before it begins. 

Project management – An architectural project manager must have the logistic and organizational skills to effectively and efficiently follow a construction project from start to finish. This will include initial planning, budgeting, scheduling, designing, financial plans, and cost control. 

Personnel management – This skill will help the project manager manage the team properly. They are responsible for overseeing the other team members, as well as serve as a mentor to employees during the project. 

Problem-solving skills – The project manager must be capable of quick thinking, especially when assessing any issue with the project so that they can be ready to come up with solutions to address them. Critical thinking is also essential to help analyze any problems that may occur during the construction process and make snap judgements to help address the situation as it happens. 

Computer skills – To create the design aspects of the project, the architectural project manager must be capable of creating the project design, so they should be skilled and knowledgeable in using computer software for architects such as Revit and AutoCAD. 

Understanding and knowledge of building and zoning codes – The architectural project manager will make sure the construction project will observe and follow the local building and zoning codes, so having close knowledge and understanding of the geographic codes as well as important industry standards is a must. 

The project manager knows that the project must be completed according to the planned schedule and it must be on time, the budget must be followed (it should be within the budget limits or under), and the requirements will be achieved – this will include the project’s objectives and goals, desired results, and quality requirements. 

There are a lot of phases in project management, you must understand every one one of them so that you can determine the best project management process necessary for the project. 

Pre-design is important for the outcome of the overall project management. Projects may vary according to size and style so the architect must engage in a pre-design. The client and the architect set up and look over the different conditions and studies that will help create the framework and requirements that will be needed for the project’s development. This normally includes the following analysis of the site, budgeting, zoning, etc. 

During the pre-design phase, the project manager will lay out the groundwork of the project. Then they will set up the framework and requirements so they can make estimated predictions on how to budget time, money, staffing and make sure that the project will be completed according to the schedule at the same time meeting the goals of the project. 

What is the process of becoming an architectural project manager? 

The following are the steps on how to become an architectural project manager. It normally requires both education and experience with architecture. 

Degree in Architecture – A Bachelor’s degree in in Architecture or a Master’s in Architecture is necessary for an architectural project manager. This will give you the necessary education and training in the industry. The required schooling to become a licensed architect also involves on-the-job training. If you have graduated from an unrelated course, you can take up a Master’s in Architecture program. 

Complete training – Formal training in architecture is required to be an architectural project manager. This includes the completion of the Architectural Experience Program, passing the Architecture Registration Examination, and getting a license of your preferred state are needed so you can practice your degree. One of the important tasks of an architectural project manager is approving the plans which can only be accomplished by licensed architects. Relevant working experience is also required. 

Project management certification – Formal training in the AXP or Architectural Experience Program includes project management tasks. These certifications can help you gain an advantage over other candidates. Check out below some of the certifications needed for the job.

  • Project Management Professional – The Project Management Institute has different certifications that include courses and passing an examination. The first level of certification is the Certified Associate in Project Management or CAPM. The Project Management Professional certification is the higher level of certification and it requires the CAPM certification and project management experience. 
  • Certified Construction Manager – The Construction Management Association of America provides this certification. It is focused on the construction industry and requires passing the exam. 

Consider a degree in project management – Different degree programs in project management can be done in-person or online. These programs are more widely focused, which can be a great choice for project management, which can be more appealing to some. 

Renew your certifications – If you have a license for architecture or a project management certification, you must make sure to renew them regularly. To renew them, there may be required coursework that you have to go through. It will be a great opportunity to update your knowledge and skills which can be great for your career. 

Project management for construction projects is not an easy task and it will require an expert architect with experience and skills to accomplish it properly. If you need help with project management, you can consider hiring Casci DesignWorks for our project management services.

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