Achieving Your Dream House Without Stress

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Dreaming of your new home is easy. Achieving it is the hard part. Once you have finally made a move on building your new home, whether from scratch or from renovation, the stress will soon kick in.

It is not just about deciding whether to get marble countertops or not. It is more than just picking out the color of the master bedroom’s wallpaper. It also takes several days of planning, trying to get your permit approved, managing your finances, and more.

Are you going to stop the process of building your dream house to avoid stress? Don’t stop! We are here to tell you that there is actually a way to build your dream home 100% stress-free. That is the Casci way.

At Casci Design Works Inc., you will never experience the frustration and anxiety in the process of building your home. Steve Casci has a stress-free approach when handling all his projects, and your home could be one of them.

Factors of Building A House

A lot of people choose to become the project manager of their own home, which is also possible. However, a lot of them even do not realize until later, the different aspects and factors of building your house. Some often forget the tiny yet important details of building a home. It eventually gets stressful, especially if you are building with a friend or relative. The stress can sometimes affect your relationship with them.

Here are the different factors of building a house:

  • Knowing What You Want

  • Knowing How to Achieve That Goal

  • Budgeting and Finances

  • Getting Permits Approved

  • Getting Materials

  • Securing Bids and Contracts

These factors can really be a burden to homemakers. Choosing the curtains for your living room is an exciting part, but it is a lot different from needing to negotiate with contractors.

Factors of Building A House

Avoiding the Stress with Casci Design Works

There is a guaranteed way of avoiding the stress so that you will still be able to achieve the house that you have always wanted for yourself or for your family. Whether it’s a simple modern house or an elegant mansion, here is how Steve Casci can take off the weight from your shoulders.

The Beauty of Experience

Experience can say a lot about the quality of a person’s work. Steve Casci, definitely has experience. When he is working on your dream home, he is not just bringing current trends and practices. Instead, he is bringing over 45 years of creativity, skill, and passion for home building or remodeling.

His experience is just the tip of the iceberg, it is also about the relationships he has built with his clients over the years. It speaks about his professionalism and approachability, which are two essential factors to make sure that the client and himself will have excellent communication all throughout the process.

Permit-Ready Plans

One of the most difficult technical aspects of building a new house is whether or not these plans will be approved. You must remember that once you have a lot to put your home in, we can’t merely start putting together chunks of wood. We need to follow the rules and regulations of your city or municipality. This is one of the toughest aspects because some people experience rejections with their own plans.

Do not fret! One of the beauties of having us work with you on your projects is that we will immediately take care of your permits. Steve Casci can create and execute permit-ready plans that will be submitted to your city or county office.

Step-by-step Approach

We can take out the stress because of Steve Casci’s progressive approach. By letting us work with you on your home project, we take off a lot of the load from you for faster project completion, better cost control, and lesser risks and problems.

We will be able to…

  • Provide In-depth Consultations and Commendations

  • Oversee the Entire Construction Process

  • Advise you on the Design Process

  • Prepare Budgets and Schedules

  • Secure Bids and Contracts

  • Comply with Building Codes and Government Regulations

  • Provide Onsite Supervision

  • Schedule Contractors

  • Find Products

  • Procure All Materials; and

  • Act as A Liaison Between You and the Project

We will be there every step to make sure that you will get the best possible result of your new home.

Step-by-step Approach

Casci Design Works Specialties


Steve Casci has specialized in customizing cabinets, may it be for your kitchen or restroom. He has been doing this for nearly 30 years. He will be able to help you choose the best cabinet for your home. Remember, cabinets will be the foundation of your investment!


We know you have been dreaming of having a similar countertop as the one you saw on Pinterest or Twitter. We can help set it up for you, no matter the style! Our attention to detail will ensure that your countertop will have a high-quality form and function.

Fine and Unique Appliances

Because we told you that we will be there every step of the way, we can also help you negotiate with our partner appliance manufacturers. If you already have appliances on hand, then we will design your home around the appliances that you already have.

Fine and Unique Appliances

Take the first step towards building your home and give us a call at 916-376-9226. Let us start building your dream home today!