Following the kitchen, the bathroom is undoubtedly the part of the house with the most fixtures used by the household members daily.  This can lead it to become outdated and undergo the most wear and tear. To help you decide if your bathroom needs remodeling, read on.

Six Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

You probably visit the restroom several times a day.  This room is often taken for granted.  But when your living arrangements change, this vital space needs to be updated too.  For example, the bathroom you once loved may prove inadequate when children come into the picture.  On the other hand, you may be eager to add features that you feel are necessary for your current stage of life.

To Solve Your Common Bathroom Problems

Over time, your bathroom may have developed issues that include odor, paint peels, broken tiles, and water leaks.  These could become progressively worse if not addressed.  If you have any of these, it might be time to tackle bathroom remodeling to eliminate all these in one go.

Your bathroom’s sustained exposure to moisture and humidity can lead to issues like mold and mildew.  These are health hazards that should never be ignored.  People, especially those with respiratory concerns, may suffer from various symptoms after a short exposure to mold.  When renovating, affected walls and floors may need to be replaced.  Moving forward, pay attention to the new design.  Choose one that will be easy to clean to prevent mold and mildew build-up.  Ensure good ventilation as well.

If your house was built between the 1980s to 1990, there is a chance that you have asbestos.  Asbestos was a popular building material in those decades.  Current evidence shows that exposure to this chemical may lead to cancer.  Before starting any construction, an asbestos test is recommended.  This is to ensure that no unnecessary exposures will occur.  All traces of asbestos must be eliminated before the renovations commence. 

Should you consider remodeling to fix your bathroom’s current issues, the renovation will result in a fresh and new bathroom look, plus a safer environment for your family’s health.

It Will Give Your Bathroom an Update.

Even before your fittings wear out and fixtures age, your bathroom will start to look dated.  The tiles may not look as trendy as before.  As you may know, colors and fashions change through the years.  The cabinetry might start to look awkward in its position.  Your toilet and bath may have also begun to look dull according to your leveled-up preferences. 

Why not give it a facelift?  Try something new to brighten it up.  It does not have to be a full-scale renovation.  You can often do a few tweaks to achieve a new look and feel.  By making modest upgrades, you can get significant results to make your restroom look clean and inviting.

Should you want to upgrade your bathroom to be your personal escape, you may need to tackle a larger project.  But it depends on where you’re starting from.  Consider using soft lighting matched with soothing and warm colors.  Don’t forget to install a soaking tub.  This space will be your haven to escape and relax after dealing with the demands of your busy day.  Likewise, it can jumpstart and inspire you to prepare for the day ahead in the mornings.

To Ensure the Safety of Vulnerable People at Home

Suppose you have people who are elderly and those recovering from sports injuries, accidents, and surgeries living with you.    It would help if you considered hazards in the bathroom.    A space redo will allow you to install safety features such as a walk-in shower, slip-resistant flooring, roomy entrances, and broader bars to hold on to for support when entering or leaving the shower.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of the Space.

Energy-saving fittings and fixtures have recently become available in the market.  Installing these during the renovation will cut your bill by almost half.  Examples are water-saving fixtures, low-flow toilets, and underfloor heating.  Building large windows are helpful in terms of improving the ventilation of the room.  It will help to lessen the use of a fan to prevent moisture on the walls.  Mirrors will also be kept from frequently fogging up.  Generally, these gadgets will keep your bill down and help keep your restroom clean and well-ventilated.

Water-saving fixtures tested and certified to deliver efficient performance are worth your bucks.  Since the toilet and shower account for approximately half of daily water usage, these gadgets will reduce your household operating costs.  In addition, you get to contribute and participate in the world’s water conservation drive and caring for the environment projects.

To Make the Space More Functional

Consider a redo to answer fluctuating demands in your everyday life.  You may need a tub if you have younger children, but a shower is sufficient with an older brood.  Similarly, older people will prefer a shower instead of a tub due to the hassle of going in and out of it. 

Sometimes, you may decide to need a more spacious bathroom altogether.  Enlarging your restroom will not only make it more appealing, but it will also be easier to move around.  With more space available, you can also put additional storage in place.

Old-design homes typically have a single bathroom. Yet, adding another bathroom may be the best option for families that grew bigger over the years. The construction of an additional bathroom updates the entire house to the standards of today’s properties.  The family will surely appreciate the convenience of two restrooms to use, especially on hectic days.  Furthermore, according to real estate practitioners, adding a guest bathroom increases your home’s value by as much as 20%.

It Raises the Value of Your Home.

Albeit one of the smallest rooms in the house, your bathroom is also one of the most vital.  Not only will an additional bathroom add value to your home, a renovated bathroom will also do the same.  If you decide to sell in the near future, a newly-renovated bathroom will raise your home’s value and easily attract a prospective buyer soon.

You should know that not all upgrades bring forth a favorable return.  However, most bathroom redo offers one of the best revenues.  Upon successful resale, homeowners usually gain more than half of the total cost of their bathroom remodel.  To achieve this, however, the workmanship must be excellent.  Search for the best contractor and hire the professionals to get the job done.

Your home bathroom redo can be as basic as replacing a few fixtures, stripping the room, and starting from square one.  What is important is to carry out and execute the design beautifully.

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