Sub Zero is not just a name for expensive refrigerators, it’s a name that defines proper cold food storage. Sub Zero invented the dual compressor system, which lies at the core difference between them and all other refrigerators. The majority of other refrigerator brands only have one compressor producing dry cold air for the freezer, which results in inefficient cooling and transference of odors between compartments.

With a single compressor model, when determining how cold you want the refrigerator side, you are simply allowing more dry cold air in. That dry cold air needs moisture and finds it with your fresh food and dairy products! With a dual compressor system, one unit produces dry cold air for the freezer and the other is produces moist humid air for the refrigerator. This means no mingling of different air temperatures and humidity levels. With each compressor splitting the workload, a Sub Zero will last three times as long and will save you money by preserving more of your fresh foods.

Here are two pictures of Sub Zero appliances in both in the stainless look and with cabinet panels. As a designer, I prefer to put cabinet panels on the refrigerator to minimize some of the stainless domination plus it’s easier to keep the surfaces clean.

The Sub Zero stainless refrigerator has a clean look that goes with nearly any kitchen design. However, that stainless surface needs constant polishing so fingerprints won’t show.


Sub Zero also makes units to allow for custom panels to be inserted into the face. This is great for designs that minimize the overwhelming size of stainless, and blends right into the cabinetry!

Images: Sub Zero Built-in Refrigeration Design Guide