What is the purpose of cooking ventilation?

To increase indoor air quality by removing cooking contaminants before they mix with the rest of the air in the home.

These contaminants are:

Heat- A four burner cooktop can create enough heat equal to one-ton air conditioning.

Steam- Vaporized water acts as a “carrier” for other cooking contaminants.

Smoke- Smoke contains carbon particles and sulfuric acid, which is an irritant to the eyes and is poisonous to house plants.

Odor- Odors are clingy, acidic, and will fade and deteriorate fabric over time.

Hazardous Gases- Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide are generated by gas appliances.

Grease- The average home creates over one gallon of cooking grease per year. Grease can accumulate in the home, becoming rancid and attracting fungus and insects.

All of these things combine to create a low-grade toxic environment that over time, can leave a kitchen in a very unhealthy state for you, your family and pets.  These hazards exist whether you have an electric or gas cooktop — the only difference is the type of fumes created. That’s why it’s critical to have a blower motor that’s powerful enough to exhaust everything away from the cooking area and out of your home.